We have the facilities and experience to handle your project with as little or as much input as you want


You might have a script, a cast and more or less everything you need apart from the crew and equipment: we'll supply that and any advice you think might be helpful

You might have the germ of an idea and little else - we have put together projects all the way from initial consultation to finished product for clients throughout the UK and Europe


We have facilities to suit most needs and small to medium budgets. We're not big (and we're not clever) but neither are our prices. We'll tend to try to cut our cloth to your purse, wherever possible.


Constant coffee and home-made snacks and lunches. Very quiet (except when the tractors bundle past), rural setting, and yet 2 minutes off the M74 jct 9 South/jct 10 North.

20-30 minutes from Glasgow, 40 minutes from Edinburgh. Clear your head with a walk through the cow poo-laden fields, or veg out while you refill your creative juices.

We produce our own films, have a record label and produce radio drama - so if you're happy going under your own steam - grand; if you want a helping hand, or someone to tweak the bits you're not sure of - we're on hand (which means we're watching TV in the next room).


We can also offer voiceovers, sound design and original scores for your project.

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