Mentoring & Training

We run staff training sessions, extended workshops, consultation seminars and mentoring projects.

Life-changing” - participant on our Music for Early Years development fortnight

We have worked with schools, colleges and groups to enable their pupils and members to make their own films.

We do this in a way that is very hands-off for us; hands-on for them. From concept to final edit, we will point, prod and pat ideas until they are in a place where the participants can be proud of their final film. We take as much of a back seat as is wanted, but will also step in where our expertise is needed. This usually happens for the final edit, as colour grading, codecs and compression levels can be daunting, and we see the exercise as something that should be fun - not a gruelling slog. We also see the desired outcomes as being more about communication, cooperation and self confidence, than about feeling overwhelmed by technology.

MONSTER - a short film written, produced and directed by S1 pupils of Kings Park High School

Soundsmove 2019