Services, Facilities, Support


Day-Long Workshop Classes: £60 per person

One-To-One Classes: £55

A maximum of a 2-hour session.
Travel over 100 miles return is charged at 45p per mile (over 100miles)

Showreels: £250
Advice and assistance on the selection, presentation and order of material
Conversion of source footage
Intro and outdo title boards with music
Lower third titles on clips
Delivery via WeTransfer or Vimeo, or uploading to client's choice
Editing Showreels £50 per hour
Adding to your existing reel

Voicereels: £200

Advice and assistance on selecting text and source materials
Recording session (3 hours) with advice and notes throughout
Editing, Sound Effects and Music
Delivery to WAV, AIF or MP3
Editing Voicereels £50 per hour
Adding to your existing reel

Script Reading & Reports
1 - 2 Page Pitches: £100
Script Reports: £3 per page (minimum £100)
These involve a full, detailed report and a consultation in person or via Zoom

Sound Design, Mixing & Other Studio Services: £250 - £400 per day
The price is dependent on the work involved and is negotiable

Session Playing: £250 per session (3 hours)
It's a movable feast!

Guest Lecturing/Workshops: £465 per day
Includes all preparation

Mentoring (6 months): £1950
Working in detail over the course of 6 months with monthly meetings and ongoing telephone/email/text support and discussion
This is available as staggered payments

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