Workshops, Classes, Mentoring

We've been involved in education for nearly 40 years, and it's an area about which we care deeply

We are regular visitors to Drama Colleges, Schools, Universities and Creative Collectives, running classes and workshops as one-day events or as longer sessions throughout a term

“David’s no nonsense approach made me look at tv and film castings in a whole new light” - Kenny Blyth, Actor & Voice Artist

"David gets to the point of it by stopping you acting and letting you 'be' in a relaxed and informative manner. He's also taller than you might expect" - John Ritchie, Actor

From time to time we host group events for actors, these are on Cold Reading, Auditions and other areas. These are structured over a day, and involve running Q&A throughout, which tends to mean the process widens in scope organically

"David's course is perfect for Actors at all stages of their career. A wonderful, fun and informative class. I would highly recommend."
- Paul Harper, Keddie Scott Associates

“I saw an immediate improvement in my performances and success rate in castings” - Kenny Blyth, Actor & Voice Artist

Acting, directing, writing, sound design and composition: we'll work through your scenes, ideas or projects

"Before my one-to-one sessions with David, my inner critic was particularly loud. However, David’s relaxed and tailored approach put me at ease straight away. He was encouraging and supportive (and makes a good cup of tea)! I was reminded to trust my instincts and let the text speak for itself. After several sessions, I regained my confidence and had new insights to add to my toolkit. I would highly recommend David" - Lisa Eaglesham, Actor

We can prepare actors for auditions, self-tapes or approaching a new role, or even just a series of sessions to refresh your text interpretation skills and flex those acting muscles

"David is honest, reassuring, highly experienced and knowledgeable of the industry - what more could you want!" - Anya Scott-Rogers - Actor

Whether it's working with a writer or composer on developing an idea; providing support to directors or producers on a film or theatre project; or working with young people or amateur groups on making their own films or performance pieces, we're here to provide support, thoughts and an ear. As well as many young writers, directors, composers and theatre makers, we've mentored school groups on film making projects; both as part of their course and within larger initiatives such as the NHS Scotland Anti-Smoking Campaign


We run classes, one-to-one and group classes in relaxation, mindfulness and wellbeing; from helping take the general strain out of your life, to preparing for a big job with its own set of challenges. We use our experience to help creative professionals navigate the pressures particular to the Arts and Creative industries